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Eschscholzia californica

California poppy, golden poppy

Native to the California and the west coast of the U.S.A., Eschscholzia californica, thrives in a wide range of climate and...

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Phormium tenax

New Zealand flax

An evergreen, perennial monocot that can grow up to 13' tall and 7' wide. Flowers are red or yellow tubular flowers that...

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Poranopsis paniculata

bridal bouquet, Christmasvine, Christ's vine, snowcreeper, snow-in-the-jungle, white corallita

Native to China. Poranopsis paniculata has been in Hawaii since 1936 but is not widely cultivated. The woody vine can climb...

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Porophyllum ruderale

Yerba porosa, papalo, quilquina, papaloquelite, cilantro, Bolivian coriander

Native to the dry areas of the Southwest USA and Mexico, Porophyllum ruderale is at home on the dry sides of the state. Quickly...