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Pereskia aculeata

Barbados gooseberry, West Indian gooseberry, Spanish gooseberry, lemon vine, sweet Mary, leaf cactus, blade apple, and gooseberry shrub

Pereskia was introduced intentionally to Hawaii and is present in the horticultural trade. It is a target species for invasive...

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Pimenta dioica


An invasive tree that will escape the garden. The Division of Forestry and Wildlife of the Hawai`i Department of Land and...

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Pseudogynoxys chenopodioides

Mexican Flame Vine

A fast growing vine that can blanket trees and powerlines. This aggressive vine is not propagated or sold by Pono nurseries...

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Psidium cattleianum

strawberry guava

A common invasive tree in moist and wet forests that is replacing native forests by forming dense, single-species thickets....

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Rauvolfia vomitoria

Devil's poison pepper

Rauvolfia vomitoria is an invasive fast growing tree.

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Rosa multiflora

multiflora rose, baby rose, Japanese rose, seven-sisters rose

Native to Japan, Rosa multiflora is suited to cold climates. It is invasive in Hawaii at higher elevations. ...

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all non-native species of raspberry and blackberry

Rubus argutus, Rubus ellipticus, Rubus niveus, and Rubus sieboldii are on the Hawai`i State Noxious Weed List. The Division...

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Schefflera actinophylla

octopus tree

A commonly seen invasive tree on the Hawaiian islands. The Division of Forestry and Wildlife of the Hawai`i Department of...

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Silybum marianum

milk thistle, Mary's thistle

Milk thistle is a spiny medicinal herb capable of forming dense, impenetrable thickets in pastures and grasslands.

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Sphaeropteris cooperi

Australian tree fern

Ornamental tree fern that quickly escaped cultivation becoming naturalized in Hawaiian rainforests. The Division of Forestry...