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Pritchardia martii

loulu, Ko`olau range pritchardia

This is a very stately palm. The landscape industry, in partnership with DOT, plans to provide pure seeds for large scale...

Pritchardia pacifica

Fiji fan palm

Native to Tonga, the Fiji palm is a low maintenance plant. This commonly cultivated fan palm boasts large fan-shaped fronds...

Psydrax odorata

alahe`e, walahe`e

A member of the Coffee or Gardenia family, the Psydrax odorata can be grown from shrub to large tree in size and is slow-growing....

Pterocarpus indicus

narra, Burmese rosewood

Pterocarpus indicus is a large deciduous tree which grows to 30 meters (100 feet) or higher. The extremely fragrant flowers...

Punica granatum


Pomegranate is a small tree with attractive flowers that produce tasty fruit. It is suitable for dry areas or large containers...

Rubus hawaiensis

Hawai`i blackberry, Hawaiian raspberry, kala, `kalakala

These fruit-producing shrubs can grow 6 to 10 feet in height and are attractive to native birds for both their nectar and...

Saccharum officinarum

sugar cane, noble cane, ikshu, khanda, sarkara (sanskrit), pundia, paunda (hindi), poovan karumbu (tamil), Ko

Introduced to Hawai`i by the Polynesians, sugar cane is a grass with hard stems (stalks) and long blades. This plant can...

Samanea saman

moneky pod, rain tree

A large tree with an umbrella-shaped wide canopy. The compound leaflets fold up on rainy days and at night, hence the common...

Sapindus oahuensis

O`ahu soapberry, soapberry, kaulu, lonomea,

Lonomea is the endemic soapberry species that grows only on Kauai and Oahu. It is related to the indigenous species, Sapindus...

Stephanotis floribunda

pua male, bridal bouquet, Hawaiian wedding flower, stephanotis, Madagascar jasmine

Stephanotis floribunda has been cultivated in Hawaii since Dr Hillabrand imported it in the 1870’s. The Madagascar native...

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