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Ananas comosus


The pineapple is one of Hawai'i's most famous fruits and is extremely easy to grow. It enjoys full sun and well-drained soil...

Annona muricata

soursop, Dutch durian, guanabana, prickly custard apple, graviola, guyabano, babana

This small tree is easily grown from fresh seeds in moist soil. Germination takes place in a few days. Plant in good soil...

Arachis glabrata

perennial peanut, ornamental peanut

This herbaceous ground cover is nitrogen fixing, keeps weeds out, and has prolific yellow flowers. It is a perfect border...

Araucaria columna

Cook's pine, New Caledonian pine, coral reef araucaria

Native to New Caledonia, this coniferous evergreen tree is commonly planted in Hawai'i. It makes a suitable replacement for...

Areca catechu

betel nut palm

The aboriginal origin of the betel nut tree is unknown due to its long history of cultivation. Grown primarily for the narcotic...

Argemone glauca

pua kala, beach poppy, Hawaiian poppy, Hawaiian prickly poppy, kala, naule

Although they can be covered in prickles, the beautiful flowers are worth it to many gardeners because they are so easy to...

Artemisia mauiensis

'ahinahina, hinahina

'Ahinahina has silvery fine leaves and makes a good shrub or groundcover. It grows to about 3' in ideal conditions. It...

Artocarpus altilis

breadfruit, 'ulu

Native to the south Pacific, 'Ulu arrived in Hawaii with the first Polynesians. This handsome tree has a long history of...

Artocarpus heterophyllus


Native to the rainforests in India, jackfruit thrives in fertile valleys with moist, well-drained soil. Jackfruit is the...

Attalea cohune

cohune palm, American oil palm, corozo palm, manaca palm

The cohune palm is native to Central and Latin America where it dominates the low land wet forest community. The cohune palm...

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