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Mangifera indica


Mangos can grow from 30-100 ft tall. They are native to southern Asia. The sap, branches, and the skin of the unripe fruit...

Mariscus japonicas

'ahu'awa, 'ehu'awa, Java sedge, Javanese flatsedge, Marsh cyperus

`Ahu`awa is flood tolerant and can be used along water banks to control erosion, yet also flourishes in dry conditions. It...

Melanthera integrifolia, Melanthera sp., Lipochaeta sp.


This plant produces daisy-like yellow flowers that have 25 to 50 disk florets per head. The mature plants bloom year round....

Metrosideros polymorpha

ohi`a lehua, ohia, lehua

Metrosideros polymorpha is the most common native tree in the Hawaiian Islands, tolerating a wide range of soil conditions,...

Mussaenda erythrophylla

Ashanti blood

There are several species and varieties of Mussaenda that are valued for their striking, colorful bracts. The colors range...

Nototrichium sandwicensis

kulu`i, Hawai`i rockwart

Kulu`i grows as a tall shrub or small tree, and is used as a potted specimen or an informal hedge. It is great in a lei garden,...

Peperomia blanda var floribunda

arid-land peperomia, hairy peperomia, `ala`ala, `ala`ala wai nui, awalauakane, kupalii, kupaoa

Being in the same family (Piperaceae) as black pepper (Piper nigrum), the sticky, poppy-like seeds of the fruits have a slight...

Pereskia bleo

Rose Cactus, leaf Cactus, wax rose

Native to moist forests of Central and South America, this leafy cactus evolved for moisture conditions and kept its leaves....

Phyllanthus acidus

Tahitian Gooseberry Tree, Otaheite gooseberry, Malay gooseberry, Star gooseberry

The exact origin of this shrub is unknown, but it is thought the gooseberry tree hails from Madagascar. It arrived in the...

Pipturus albidus

mamaki, Waimea pipturus

Mamaki is a beautiful small tree with red-tinted veins, stems and petioles. It grows along streams and prefers wet areas....

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